Sariska Wildlife Reserve - Rajasthan - India

Sariska wild- life Sanctuary is located 37kms away from Alwar in Rajasthan. It covers an area of 765.80sq-kms. Surrounded by the sharp cliffs of the Aravallis, Sariska is a wild - life lovers paradise.

The Sariska Park is an abode to numerous wild animals including leopard, wild dog, jungle cat, hyena, jackal, and tiger. These feed on an abundance of prey species such as sambar, chitel, nilgai, chausingha, wild boar and langur. Sariska is also well known for its large population of rhesus monkeys, which are found in large numbers around Talvriksh, besides these animals there are also a large variety of birds for bird watchers.

Other Attractions in Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary

The Kankwari Fort

The Ancient Shiva Temples

The Palace

Best Way to Reach Sariska

The Sariska Park lies at the Delhi- Alwar- Jaipur highway, about 100kms from Jaipur and 200kms from Delhi. The nearest town to Sariska is Alwar. The best way to reach Sariska is to hire a vehicle from Delhi, Jaipur or Alwar.

Alwar is well connected by the rail system and there are many local operators who will be willing to take you to the reserve. It would be advisable to check with a couple of operators before agreeing on a price.

Best time to visit Sariska

The best time to visit Sariska is around January or February, which is in winter, though hot months April to June are good as you can see animals at the water- holes. During the monsoon and the breeding period certain jungle tracks are closed.
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