Egypt the Land where the River Nile flows! Throughout you will see the fields of wheat, sugar- cane and palm trees. Roads in Egypt are fenced by lovely orchards, which are surrounded by high mud- brick walls. You can wake up to the cooing of turtle doves and other exotic birds or take a walk in the lush environment edged by lemon, banana, and mango trees. The vines of beautiful roses will take you to a different world altogether. Egypt is a land of rich greenery and fragrant air! The land of camels and sand cats is a land of contrast, you have The Nile flowing and just beyond you have the huge Sinai mountains; you have the scorching desserts and you also have the snow- capped mountains. Egypt the land of pharaohs and pyramids will startle you with its culture and monuments- you have so much to see in Egypt that you will want to come here again and again.

Egypt is located in the northeastern corner of Africa and covers an area of 386,000 square miles. Only about 5% of the country is inhabited along the banks of the Nile whose course stretches over 900 miles from the Mediterranean in the North to the Sudan in the South. To the West lies Libya and to the East are the desert plateau, Red Sea and Sinai. Egypt's most fertile area is the Nile Delta. Cairo, Egypt's capital has 16 million inhabitants, and Alexandria, the country's second largest city, has a population of 5.5 million.
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